We love to glide our toes through a lush, green grass; smell the fresh air that the greens give us, and enhance our curb appeal. Although there are a lot of things that greens in our lawn can give us, these are the primary reasons why we want to give our lawn the things it deserves: maintenance, water, and fertilizers.

There are many concerns regarding putting fertilizer in the lawn such as what would be the right fertilizers to use, where to put the fertilizers, how to put them, and others even ask if it is good to put some fertilizers on the grasses on the lawn.

Here you will know why it is a wise move to put fertilizers in fall. Also, we will share with you how you can do it on your own. Or if you need help, you can also call and hire tree service Fort Myers, for professional lawn and tree service on your property.

Do You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall?

Fall is better than any other season especially when you compare it to summer, where your lawn is surely in stress. The cool temperature of fall provides the perfect setting for the lawn to be stronger and rejuvenate.

The following are the three primary reasons why putting on fertilizers in your lawn in fall is a good thing:

1.The grass would be able to have more stamina in preparation for winter

2.The fall provides moisture through morning dew that helps the turf and grass to absorb the fertilizer more effectively.

3.There will be good support for the root growth that will make the grass and turf greener and healthier during spring.

It is also good that you apply the fertilizer two to three weeks before the winter seasons or before the ground gets cold or freezes. Here, you can identify the first frost date in the place you are living in. By identifying this date, you would know what is the ideal date to fertilize the ground since it has not been frozen yet.

Also, if you want to have some sort of a date guide, we recommend that you apply your lawn fertilizer in the middle of October. It is more preferable that you apply the fertilizer in the morning or in the early evening, as these times of the day avoid the arm daytime temperatures that may cause the fertilizer to render ineffective.

If you want to mow your lawn, you need to know that you can start with a clean slate of land by mowing the lawn before you apply your fertilizer. You can also leave some grass clippings as this will also serve as an organic fertilizer on your lawn.

The takeaway

Understand that it is crucial to find the best fertilizer if you are opting for an inorganic fertilizer in your lawn. Some fertilizers contain very harmful chemicals.

There you go. Now that you know how to put fertilizers on your lawn in the fall, you can now apply it on your own. Remen that a healthy lawn will be beneficial to you.