Calhoun County History & Sites

Formation of Calhoun County

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Calhoun County, SC Timeline ~ A timeline of major people and events that shaped Calhoun County.

Calhoun County History ~ A synopsis of the County’s illustrious history, as told by J. Skattowe Wannamaker and J.A. Merritt

Formation of Calhoun County ~ A speech by J. Skattowe Wannamaker. Printed in the Calhoun County Advance, in celebration of the formation of the County in 1908.


Calhoun County Historical Sites

A list of Calhoun County’s historical sites as described by the Archives of the Calhoun County Museum.

The Devil’s Track ~ A story by S.G. Stoney about Calhoun County’s most famous landmark.

History of Cameron ~ Jeanne Wilde Ulmer’s history discussing the town of Cameron.

History of St Matthews ~ A history of the formation of the County’s seat of government.


People & Festivals of Calhoun County

The Purple Martin Festival ~ A tale of the bird and a history of the festival.

Senator L Marion Gressette ~ Calhoun County’s most distinguished politician.


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