Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center History

The Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center was established in 1959 with the decision to use one room in the rear of the Calhoun County Library to collect and preserve local history, ranging from books to memorabilia.

During 1975, the Museum was substantially enlarged as a result of relocating to a 5,000 square foot building, which included a spacious art and special exhibits gallery, an archives room, and a small multipurpose auditorium. An addition of 5,000 square feet in 1985 doubled the size of the Museum. This new section included new storage to house the facilities growing art, costume, and historical collections. In the early 2000s the Museum once again was enlarged. The new addition included space for a large auditorium and new rooms for the ever growing collection of artifacts the Museum had begun to store.

The Museum broadened its scope during 1987 when the institution entered the South Carolina Rural Arts Program as a result of the disbanding of the Calhoun County Arts Commission. The Museum began the Artist-in-Residence program in all area schools. Various local events were held to showcase artists, to promote involvement by business in the arts, and to foster local appreciation of the arts. Recognizing the importance of their involvement, the Museum changed its name in 1991 to the Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center.

The Museum and Cultural Center began community wide fundraising in 1991 by developing a Friends Program, which included partnership support from local businesses and corporations, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, SCANA, and Carolina Eastman Company to name a few. The Calhoun County Museum uses its entire facility, including spacious grounds, for cultural events. Activities range from exhibits and cultural performances to study visit lessons, as well as tours on art and history. The Museum and Cultural Center seeks to strengthen economic development, appreciation of the arts, and the county’s unique cultural heritage.

The Calhoun County Museum has numerous services that are oriented to serving the people of Calhoun County. The Museum holds special and cultural events throughout the year, tours of the collection for both individuals and groups, history and educational programs, genealogy and historical research by appointment, and houses a media room that showcases videos of Calhoun County past and present as well as other educational media.

If you would like to know more about the services provided by the Calhoun County Museum, or information on how to make an appointment for research, please click on the “Contact” link from the Home page and complete the form.

Museum Features

Free Admission                                          Media Room

Friends Membership Form
Friends Membership Form

Free Parking                                               Educational Programs

Art Gallery                                                 School and Church Groups

Guided Tours                                              Period Rooms

Indian Culture                                            Costume Collection

Genealogy (by appointment only)              Farm Room

Archives                                                     Special Programs

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