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The Main Reasons Behind HVAC Technicians’ Service Calls

When it comes to dealing with your HVAC, there are two things you need to consider. First, there are issues that can just be simply fixed by removing debris and dirt from the filters and coils, and this is something you can do or can DIY. All you need are just some right tools and equipment and a little help from YouTube. Second, the first statement might not always be applicable in every situation you might be dealing with in the future. There will always be issues that only professionals can fix, and fixing them on your own might just lead to hazardous results. This is the very reason why some homeowners choose to call air conditioning companies Naples FL, or other service companies near their area.

Read on to learn some of the primary reasons why homeowners call on their trusted technicians when it comes to dealing with their HVAC.

Strange noises – some of the homeowners complain about noises that they hear from the boiler, heat pump, or air conditioning system. While your HVAC may give off sounds sometimes that are pretty normal, still, when these noises do not stop, you need to consider calling an expert or HVAC technician to help you diagnose the problem, know the possible roots, and provide some appropriate interventions. The sounds that you hear might mean that you have a component that is clogged with debris or loose equipment inside.

Malfunctioning thermostat – when you feel that your HVAC is not functioning the way as it should, you need to consider that it might be experiencing a problem in the thermostat. You can repair it by replacing the old batteries with new ones or calling a technician to address the problems. The latter is safer and more protective. While you think it is more convenient to just read the manual, you need to consider that calling a professional will be cost-effective as you will be avoiding more repair and damage costs.

Water leaks – your HVAC or heating and cooling units normally condensate, and it is normal that they produce moisture when they function. The condensation passes through the drain pipes that there would be a proper drainage system. However, when there are clogs and cracks in the drain lines, they cause leaks to the unit, which can cause serious damage to your HVAC units.

Molds infections – your AC units produce moisture and this was mentioned above. Because of this, your units can always attract molds when not properly and regularly cleaned and maintained. Molds can cause some allergic reactions both in the skin and breathing. You need to clean the unit yourself or hire a professional cleaner to ensure thorough cleaning.

If you notice these signs, we recommend that you call a professional technician to diagnose your unit. While there are issues that can be fixed through DIY methods, there are issues that need professional consultations. In addition to this, calling a professional service will save you more money because you would avoid potential damage and issues caused by improper fixes.

Landscaping in Rocky Soil

It is known how landscaping can transform a rugged place into an aesthetically pleasing piece of land. This is the very reason why there are several homeowners that hire lawn service Cape Coral and other services near their area in order to improve their lawn, backyard, and other certain parts of the house, building, etc.

The problem is, doing landscape is not always an easy task. There will always be a lot of difficulties when you will be facing when you try to improve or enhance your place, and one of the most prominent problems is having a rocky soil on your property. Planting a new tree or planning to have a good lawn may be difficult to achieve when you need to deal with uneven soil. To address this, our team of experts interviewed different professional services and came up with the tips below.

How can you prepare a rocky soil in order to plant grass and trees?

It is essential that you know very well that rocky soil will never be able to hold nutrients or water, which will cause dehydration and malnourishment in your grass, plants, and trees as they will be deprived of the necessary nutrients and water that they need to grow their roots and leaves. In connection with this, roots will have a hard time growing in an environment where it is rocky. The good news is, you just need to use the right materials and tools in order to address this.

How to plant grass seeds in this kind of soil?

The following are the three easy steps you can do in order to prepare your rocky soil for planting grass. You will be needing a tiller, water, and compost made of leaves, bark, manure, topsoil, and grass clipping as well as a rake.

1.Choose an area where you want to plant your grass. Dig down from four to six inches into the soil. You can put water in the lawn area so you can easily manage the soil. When the soil is too dry, you will have difficulties digging it up. If the soil is moist enough, you can proceed to step 2.

2.When you are working with a soil that is most, roll over the area using your tiller down about to 4 to 6 inches. Add a layer of compost and till again. You can also use topsoil. Along the way, remove the rocks that you see or touch.

3.Rake the soil for an even grade before you put the grass seeds.

You also need to prepare yourself as rocky soils will always be present. Also, there are trees and plants that thrive in this kind of environment, and this is why we will share with you some trees that you can plant in rocky soil.

The following are the best trees you can plant in your rocky soil.


River birch

Washington hawthorn

Flowering dogwood

Red tip photinia


Having a rocky soil should not stop you from having a nice and green lawn. Follow the steps ad tips we shared with you to make use of your rocky soil.

Should I Fertilize My Lawn in the Fall? Yes! Here’s Why and How.

We love to glide our toes through a lush, green grass; smell the fresh air that the greens give us, and enhance our curb appeal. Although there are a lot of things that greens in our lawn can give us, these are the primary reasons why we want to give our lawn the things it deserves: maintenance, water, and fertilizers.

There are many concerns regarding putting fertilizer in the lawn such as what would be the right fertilizers to use, where to put the fertilizers, how to put them, and others even ask if it is good to put some fertilizers on the grasses on the lawn.

Here you will know why it is a wise move to put fertilizers in fall. Also, we will share with you how you can do it on your own. Or if you need help, you can also call and hire tree services Fort Myers, for professional lawn and tree service on your property.

Do You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall?

Fall is better than any other season especially when you compare it to summer, where your lawn is surely in stress. The cool temperature of fall provides the perfect setting for the lawn to be stronger and rejuvenate.

The following are the three primary reasons why putting on fertilizers in your lawn in fall is a good thing:

1.The grass would be able to have more stamina in preparation for winter

2.The fall provides moisture through morning dew that helps the turf and grass to absorb the fertilizer more effectively.

3.There will be good support for the root growth that will make the grass and turf greener and healthier during spring.

It is also good that you apply the fertilizer two to three weeks before the winter seasons or before the ground gets cold or freezes. Here, you can identify the first frost date in the place you are living in. By identifying this date, you would know what is the ideal date to fertilize the ground since it has not been frozen yet.

Also, if you want to have some sort of a date guide, we recommend that you apply your lawn fertilizer in the middle of October. It is more preferable that you apply the fertilizer in the morning or in the early evening, as these times of the day avoid the arm daytime temperatures that may cause the fertilizer to render ineffective.

If you want to mow your lawn, you need to know that you can start with a clean slate of land by mowing the lawn before you apply your fertilizer. You can also leave some grass clippings as this will also serve as an organic fertilizer on your lawn.

The takeaway

Understand that it is crucial to find the best fertilizer if you are opting for an inorganic fertilizer in your lawn. Some fertilizers contain very harmful chemicals.

There you go. Now that you know how to put fertilizers on your lawn in the fall, you can now apply it on your own. Remen that a healthy lawn will be beneficial to you.